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Lesson Plans

These lesson plans and related documents are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. You may re-publish, share, and adapt this material for any non-commercial use, as long as you attribute the original author.

Classroom Activity Prompts 

A list of classroom activity prompts utilizing the Unfinished Sentences Testimony Archive.

AP World History Document-Based Question

Essay prompt in the style of an AP World History Document-Based Question using oral histories from the Unfinished Sentences Testimony Archive alongside other related historical documents and scholarly writing.

Human Rights in El Salvador Presentation
Professor Angelina Snodgrass Godoy, University of Washington

A brief slideshow presentation on the human rights history of El Salvador. Available via Google Slides and PowerPoint download.

Freshman-Level Writing Unit
Professor Stephanie Ojeda Espinoza, Highline College

A 10-day unit for a Freshman-level writing course. Assignments include a group lab and presentation on the contents of the Testimony Archive, and an essay drawing on the Testimony Archive and additional sources.

High School World History Projects
Kristi Barnes, Roosevelt High School

A set of related but independent projects for a high school-level history course. Resources include an introduction to the history of El Salvador, a newspaper writing assignment, a biographical speech activity, and computer labs.

English / Humanities Projects
Assistant Professor Heather Frankland, Pierce College

Critical analysis and writing projects for a college-level humanities / English composition course. Projects include a critical analysis of works by poet Carolyn Forché and Salvadoran testimonies, and a short essay project which could also be used as a warm-up exercise for AP-style Document Based Questions (DBQs).

Sound Art Project
Professor Scott Aigner, Pierce College

Multi-day technology lab art project to create an "audioscape" using materials from the Unfinished Sentences Testimony Archive. Includes project description, student guide, introduction to Audacity sound editing software, and peer-to-peer independent critique.