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Causes of the War


Herlindo shares his view on the causes of the Salvadoran civil war and the general consequences that armed conflicts bring about.


I don’t think it’s possible to compare El Salvador in the eighties with El Salvador today, after the Peace Accords. We were living a different situation back then. Maybe many of you who are young don’t know what it was like, but we were forced into armed conflict. Now I understand it isn’t necessary to create the conditions that lead up to the kind of conflict we had in El Salvador, which only brought mourning and loss. So much loss: familial, social, economic, lack of development for the country. The country was stalled. It wasn’t a developed country because development hadn’t gotten here yet. We were barely getting started, practically speaking, so it stalled because of bad stewardship of the system. In my view, it wouldn’t have been necessary to get to the point of having an armed conflict. Armed conflicts only bring mourning, pain, and loss.