Inside the Yellow Book: Glossary of Acronyms

(The following is a translated transcription of pages 58 of the Yellow Book)

Description of acronyms used in the album


ANDES 21 JUNIO: National Association of Salvadoran Educators
AGEUS: General Association of Salvadoran University Students


BPR: Popular Revolutionary Bloc
BRES: Revolutionary Brigades of Secondary Students
BOMB: Bombs


CPDC: Joint Political-Diplomatic Commission
CO-CEN: Central Committee
CC: Central Committee
CINAS: Center for Research and Social Action
CMDTE: Commander
CAP: Captain


ERP: People’s Revolutionary Army
EPL: Popular Liberation Army
ENCARG: Responsible


FDR: Democratic Revolutionary Front
FMNL: Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front
FPL: Popular Liberation Forces
FARN: Armed Forces of the National Resistance
FAL: Armed Forces of Liberation
FAPU: Unified Popular Action Front
FUAR: United Front of Revolutionary Action
FUSS: Salvadoran Unified Union Federation
FMS: World Union Federation
FSR: Revolutionary Union Federation


GAR: Revolutionary Action Group


J/: Chief


LP-28: Popular Leagues 28th of February


MNR: National Revolutionary Movement
MLP: Popular Liberation Movement
MERS: Movement of Revolutionary Secondary Students
MIL: Military


N/F: False name


PDC: Christian Democrat Party
PCS: Salvadoran Communist Party
PRAM: April and May Revolutionary Party
PRTC: Revolutionary Party of Central American Workers


RN: National Resistance


S/Z: Sub-zone


TEC.: Technician


UDN: Nationalist Democratic Union
URSS: USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics