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Role in the Guerrilla


Maximina explains her sister’s and her role in the guerrilla during the armed conflict. 


When we arrived here, since my sister was so intelligent, they put her in a typing workshop. She was working on propaganda first, and then they made her a radio operator, because they said she was skilled at everything. They sent me to take a class in healthcare. I participated in the healthcare area since a young age. I carried a first aid kit that was for everyone in our camp. First came my dad, though. He had always worked in healthcare back in Santa Marta, that’s where we came from. He took a class there and learned many things. Afterwards, I followed in his footsteps.

What activities did you do in healthcare?

At that point we were at the camp, and we had a lot of people there but at least more stability. I distributed medicines and gave people injections when it was necessary, if they had a fever or something. I did that and I was also a cook. I made tortillas and other food. Whenever I ran out of medicine, I had to go get it from our hospitals because I was in charge of distributing it inside the camp.