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Captured by the National Guard

Maximina recalls being ill in a guerrilla hospital when she was captured, then taken away in a helicopter, threatened, and transported to the National Guard headquarters in San Salvador.


At the end of 1984, I got typhoid fever,  and they had to take me to a little hospital, which we had up on the mountain.  But at the time, there was a big operation coming, so they had to leave me in a bunker because I couldn't walk. Unfortunately,  the army was up high and they saw a few people entering the bunker, so they came to find us there.  They found us and took us to Chalate and put us in El Paraíso. Throughout, they kept telling us a bunch of things, anywhere we went, they kept telling us they were going to—well!  They put us in a helicopter and from the moment they put us on there they threatened to throw us out. We were all aware they were going to kill us.  Then they transported us in a car.  It was a lot of us who were originally in that hole, in that bunker.  It was about 30 people, including children, women, and other wounded people.  We were in La Sierpe and then in El Paraíso. From there I think we went to the National Guard headquarters in San Salvador.  When we went by of bodies water, they told us they were going to throw us out. We were driving in a car. I thought, when I saw the lakes, that they were going to throw us out. When we passed by Colima, I could see the big rivers and that's all I kept thinking about.  But thank God they didn't throw us out. They took us to San Salvador. I think it was the National Guard headquarters or maybe the Police. Who knows!  They all had helmets on, and those big "leg warmers", as they called them, which go up to their knees.  It was a difficult experience! They wouldn't leave us alone, they interrogated us the whole time.