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The Peace Accords and the "Silent War"


Reflecting on the Peace Accords, Evangelina sees connections between the violence of yesterday and today.


 And do you have any memories of the Peace Accords? Do you remember seeing them on the TV news, or did any kind of organization arise here at the time?

Well, yes, because we had to— They made an agreement that the shooting would stop and that government repression would end, that the war would end. But it never did. Afterwards, the soldiers didn’t show up, they didn’t come anymore. Since then the soldiers don’t come anymore, and everything was alright.

Why do you say the war didn’t end?

Because they still kill each other. But now it’s a silent war.

Why is it silent?

Because they don’t kill just with guns anymore, but also with knives. They're clever. Now they don’t make any noise when they kill. The criminals, I mean. They kill with knives.