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Isidora describes the repression that led her and her family to leave their home.


In Portillo, it was the military from Patamera, where there was a base, who would come to threaten us. They would threaten us and they killed someone almost every day. Whoever was on lookout duty, they killed them almost every day. Once they came when we were making tortillas. Then we had to leave the tortillas burning on the pan and we took all the children out into a ravine. One child, a woman and her husband left their child behind. He was lost all night long, but they found him in the morning, there he was. They killed a man that time. We had to go out with a whole pack of kids, during a storm, and we slept in a ravine as best we could. The next morning we didn't want to come back. We thought that the soldiers would still be there, but we went back and things went on, you know?